Bridge Replacement To Begin On I-24

TDOT contract crews are scheduled to begin a project to replace bridges over and on I-24 near mile marker 183 in Chattanooga. Originally built in the 1960s, the bridge on Belvoir Avenue over I-24 and the bridges on I-24 over Germantown Road will be replaced in a $32.9-million project using both traditional techniques and an innovative process called Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC). ABC requires short-term, total road closures to allow crews the space to do their jobs and the freedom to work around the clock. The closures will also allow construction to be completed much quicker.

The first part of the project will be the replacement of the Belvoir Avenue Bridge over I-24, slated to begin THIS COMING MONDAY, April 20, 2020. During this work, Belvoir Avenue will be closed to traffic between the intersections of North Terrace and South Terrace. North Terrace and South Terrace will be used as detour routes during the closure. The replacement of Belvoir Avenue Bridge is tentatively slated for completion by winter 2020.

The I-24 bridges over Germantown Road will also be replaced using ABC techniques. The contractor will begin work underneath the existing bridges during the construction of the Belvoir Avenue bridge. During the spring of 2021, four weekend closure events will be utilized to complete the bridge replacements, which will detour traffic on to North and South Terrace in the immediate vicinity of Germantown Road.

The entire project is expected to be completed in August 2021.

To include the I-24 bridge replacement project work zone, the 45-m.p.h. reduced speed limit currently in place for the I‑75/I‑24 interchange modification project will be extended on I-24 to near the Fourth Avenue interchange at Exit 181. Drivers should be aware that enhanced speed enforcement will be in effect for both projects.


Another E. Brainerd Rd. Closure

The Chattanooga Police Department is reporting the 8300 block of E brainerd Road from McNichol Lane to Greens Road will be closed for some time. CPD will be on scene assisting residents into the area only. All others please avoid the area.
The earlier closures on Jenkins Road are also still in place. Please advise that NO ONE needs to be in that area except for residents. CPD will still be there assisting residents into the area.


Power Restoration Efforts Close A Hamilton Place Road

From the Chattanooga Police Department:

The section of Jenkins Road from East Brainerd Rd to Igou Gap Rd will be completely closed through Friday (4/17). Emergency vehicles will be able to get through and residents ONLY. No one else will be allowed in the area. CPD will work with residents as needed. Please be patient with crews as they work. This is to allow for a faster restoration of power to this area.



As the City of Chattanooga remains under a shelter-in-place order, CDOT requests residents to avoid all non-essential travel on Chattanooga roadways. 

Recovery efforts are still ongoing from the devastating storms from over the weekend. 

Dozens of locations citywide are closed due to flooding, utility repairs, emergency road repairs, fallen trees, etc. Trees will continue falling as a result of water-soaked ground.

Additionally, roads will continue to see unannounced closures as utility companies continue to restore services throughout the city. Please do not impede this important work by driving in damaged areas. Please report flooded locations, trees down, powerlines down by dialing our 311 Service Center 8AM-5PMMon-Fri at 423-643-6311; Or if after hours/weekends, the Chattanooga Police Department Non-Emergency Number at 423-698-2525
Remember: Never attempt to cross flooded roads.


More Emergency Road Closures 3/26/20

The following locations are closed due to flooding:

  • NEW – Boy Scout Road between HWY 153 and Jones Creek Lane is experiencing severe flooding. Please avoid the area.
  • NEW – 7600 Davidson Road
  • Brannon Ave near Caruthers Park
  • 6721 Sandswitch Road
  • 1400 Lower Mill Road

These are the known flooding locations within city limits as of 5:00PM Wednesday, March 25th.
Please report flooded locations by dialing our 311 Service Center 8AM-5PMMon-Fri at 423-643-6311; Or if after hours/weekends, the Chattanooga Police Department Non-Emergency Number at 423-698-2525
Remember: Never attempt to cross flooded roads.


Flooding Creates Road Closures 3-25-20

The following locations are closed due to flash flooding:

  • 3300 Brannon Ave
  • 2700 Cannon Ave
  • 6721 Sandswitch Road
  • 800 Boy Scout Road
  • 1400 Lower Mill Road

These are the known flooding locations as of 3:30PM Tuesday, March 24th. 
Please report flooded locations by dialing our 311 Service Center 8AM-5PMMon-Fri at 423-643-6311; Or if after hours/weekends, the Chattanooga Police Department Non-Emergency Number at 423-698-2525
Remember: Never attempt to cross flooded roads.


Think Before Raising “That” Finger!

We are living in stressful times, especially lately as news of the coronavirus continues to worsen! Let’s all avoid taking out our frustrations from behind the wheel. Here are some common sense tips on how to AVOID road rage from

While aggressive drivers are everywhere, the most dangerous road rage incidents happen when two or more drivers have aggressive responses to each other. Getting cut off in traffic can quickly escalate to further aggression if you choose to honk or gesture at another driver.

Even if you’ve been subjected to rude or aggressive driving behaviors, it’s important that you don’t respond in kind. Think twice before laying on your horn or making a rude gesture, and you can avoid provoking road rage.

Use these tips to slow down, calm down, and stay safe even with aggressive drivers on the road:

  • Practice polite driving habits: Avoid tailgating, cutting off other vehicles, speeding, weaving, leaving high beam headlights on, and erratic braking. Don’t drive in the left lane slower than the rest of traffic. Merge politely, and always err on the side of being courteous. This is smart to do not just to avoid road rage, but to make driving easier and more pleasant for every motorist.
  • Slow down: Simply let aggressive drivers go around you and typically, they will quickly be on their way.
  • Get away from aggressive drivers: If you notice a driver with aggressive behavior, get some distance between you, whether you slow down and let them get ahead or change lanes so you’re not right next to each other.
  • Don’t make rude gestures or yell at other drivers: Remember, you’re not the police, and it’s not your job to remind others how to drive, even if they’re doing a terrible job. Avoid making eye contact with an aggressive driver who is trying to pick a fight.
  • Use your horn sparingly: Horns should primarily be used in emergency situations. Tap your horn lightly if you need to get a driver’s attention, and give drivers ahead of you at lights a few extra seconds of grace before honking to remind them to move through the intersection.
  • Call a road rage hotline: Many states now have aggressive driver hotlines that you can call to report aggressive drivers. Instead of confronting an aggressive driver, simply let the authorities know about their actions and how they can be found.
  • Avoid making driving a competitive sport: You’re not a race car driver — you don’t have to win on the road. In fact, winning as a regular driver is simply getting home safe. Getting worked up over a vehicle that’s cut you off or gotten in your way somehow isn’t worth it. Remember: getting home safely is more important than teaching another driver a lesson.
  • Apologize if you’ve done something wrong: If you’ve accidentally cut off another driver, braked too fast, or made some other mistake that could be offensive, simply smile and wave as an apology. This will disarm and calm most drivers.
  • Don’t drive under distress: Avoid driving if you’re angry, upset, or overtired.
  • Adjust your driving attitude: Give other drivers the benefit of the doubt. Many mistakes are unintentional and not meant as a personal offense. Consider whether responding aggressively is worth being injured or killed.
  • Have reasonable expectations about your travel time: Know when you’ll be driving in traffic, give yourself plenty of time, and don’t set unreasonable expectations for how fast you’ll get to your destination.
  • Call 911 if you’re under attack: If an aggressive driver attacks you, call 911 right away and stay on the phone with the dispatcher. Consider driving to the nearest police station, convenience store, or other public location with witnesses. Do not drive home.


Weekend Road Closures HERE 3/13-15

Friday, March 13 / Saturday, March 14 

Southside Social Weekend Closures –  Chestnut Street between W 17th Street and W 19th Street will be closed every Friday and Saturday night from 9PM until 2AM.  This closure will be in effect through December 19, 2020

Saturday, March 14

Riverside Spring Meet Car Show –  Reggie White Blvd between W 19th Street and the First Horizon Pavilion parking lot entrance will be closed on Saturday, March 14 beginning 7AM until 8PM (after the scheduled Chattanooga Football Club game ends). 

Chattanooga Football Club – League Home Opener –  Reggie White Blvd between W 19th Street and the First Horizon Pavilion parking lot entrance will be closed on Saturday, March 14 beginning 7AM (for Riverside Spring Meet Car Show) until 8PM for the Chattanooga Football Club’s first match of the season. Match begins at 3PM

West Village Street Festival – St Patrick’s Day –  Chestnut Street between W 8th Street and MLK Blvd; W 8th Street between Pine Street and Broad Street; and Pine Street between Westin Parking Lot Entrance and MLK Blvd will be closed Saturday, March 14 from 6AM until Midnight for the West Village Street Festival celebrating St Patrick’s Day.  

St Paddy’s Party On The Parkway benefiting SoundCorps –  The westbound lane of Patten Parkway will be closed Saturday, March 14 beginning 9AM until Sunday, March 15 at 1AM. The eastbound lane of Patten Parkway continues to be closed due to construction.  

IrishFest on Station Street –  Station Street between Market Street and Rossville Ave will be closed Saturday, March 14 beginning 6AM until Sunday, March 15 at 4AM for IrishFest. 


Stay ON The Road And OFF The Shoulder

From, here are a few tips to remember for driving safely in the rain…

Think. When conditions are less than ideal, drivers need to stay alert and focused on what’s going on around them.

Turn on those headlights. It’s the law in all states to turn on headlights when visibility is low, and many states also require having the headlights on when the windshield wipers are in use. 

Beware of hydroplaning. Hydroplaning is the technical term for what occurs when your tires lose traction with the road due to excess water on top of the road. The result is that your vehicle begins to slide uncontrollably. It’s easy to hydroplane: all you need is one-twelfth of an inch of rain on the road and a speed of more than 35 miles per hours. If your tires have extensive wear and tear, you are more highly likely to hydroplane. You can hydroplane even if you are driving a four-wheel drive car, SUV, or truck. If you start to hydroplane, let off the accelerator slowly, and steer straight until you regain control. If your car starts to spin, turn your wheel in the direction that the vehicle is spinning, slowly. Do not turn your wheel against the direction it has begun to spin. Do not jerk the wheel sharply in one direction or the other, as you could flip your car due to over correction. 

Turn off cruise control. Ironically, on rain- or snow- slick surfaces, cruise control may cause you to lose control. You might think it’ll help you stay at one steady speed, but if you hydroplane while you’re in cruise control, your car will actually go faster.

Slow down. Just let up on the accelerator and allow more time to get to your destination.

Be extra cautious with merging lanes. Drivers should drive defensively and take precautions when passing vehicles to prevent merging collisions. 


Marathon Weekend Road Closures

Classic 150 5K Race
Race Times: 9:00 am—10:00 am
Start/Finish location: Finley Stadium
Traffic Impact:
 Main Street from Reggie White Blvd. to Central Ave. will be closed.
 W. 13th St. closed from Cowart St. to Carter St.
 Cowart St. from Main St. to W. 13th St. will be closed.
 Northbound Carter St. from Main St. to W. 13th St.
** Runners will cross Broad St. and Market St. CPD will be directing traffic as needed when runners are present. **

Kid’s Fun Run
Race Times: 11:00 am—12:00 pm
Start/Finish location: Finley Stadium
Traffic Impact:
 Chestnut St. from 20th St. to W. 13th St. will be closed.
 W. 13th St. from Chestnut St. to Carter St.
 North bound Carter St. from Main St. to W. 13th St.
** Runners will cross Main St. twice and CPD will be directing traffic as needed when runners are present. ****

SUNDAY, MARCH 8th The Erlanger Chattanooga Marathon and Half Marathon
Race Start: 7:30 am
Start/Finish location: Finley Stadium
Set Up:
 Friday 7am—Sunday 5pm: Reggie White Blvd. from 20th St. to Main St will be closed.
Sunday (3:00 am—5:00 pm for lane and road closures; heaviest im- pact between 7:00 am-2:00 pm)
 Carter St. from W Main St to W 11th St. will be closed for mass start. CPD to open southbound Carter St as last runner passes.
 W 11th St at Carter St will be closed.
 Chestnut St at W 11th St, and between W 13th St and W Main St. will be closed; W 13th from Chestnut Street to Carter St will be closed.
 Westbound traffic on E MLK Blvd will be shifted to the center lane.
 Southbound Market St from W 11th St to W 20th St will be closed for mass start. CPD to open closures as last runner passes.
 Westbound traffic on W 20th St from Broad St to Market St. CPD to reopen after the last runner passes.
 Riverfront Pkwy. from Lindsay St. to Molly Lane will be closed.
 The Barton Ave. ramp from Frazier Ave. will be closed.
 Right eastbound lane of Main St. between Riverfront Pkwy and Reggie White Blvd. will be closed.
 Right westbound lane of Main St. from Holtzclaw Ave. to Chest- nut St. will be closed.
Runners will be on the roads downtown, East/West, from Riverfront Pkwy to S. Holtzclaw Ave. and North/South from W. 20th St. to Frazier Ave.
High Impact Areas:
Market/Main Street — Market/20th Street
E MLK Blvd. — Bailey Ave./N. Holtzclaw Ave. Riverfront Pkwy/Lindsay St.
All roads and lanes will be re-opened no later than 5:00 pm, with most opening before.