Gran Fondo Hincapie Chattanooga – The following roads and intersections will be closed from Friday, April 30 at 2 PM until Saturday, May 1 at 6 PM for the Gran Fondo Hincapie setup and bike event.  

E Martin Luther King Blvd from Lindsay Street to Houston Street 

Houston Street from E Martin Luther King Blvd to E 10th Street 

East 10th Street at the intersection of Houston Street

Gran Fondo Hincapie Chattanooga Bike Ride – Cyclists will be escorted by CPD officers starting at 8:00 AM on Saturday, May 1, beginning from E Martin Luther King Blvd, turning north onto Market Street.  CPD will be present at all intersections on Market Street, crossing into North Shore, and continuing on Cherokee Blvd.  Please watch for instructions from these officers as the cyclists will be given the right of while an officer is present.

A secondary route traveling Manufacturers Road will have officers present at both HWY 27 ramps and at the entrance of Rennesaince Park. 

The first return cyclists are expected back into Chattanooga around 10:00 AM.

Inbound cyclists will return via Tiftonia using Cummings Road, Wauhatchie Pike, turning north onto Cummings Highway until Broad Street.  From Broad Street, cyclists will turn on W 33rd, then travel north on Alton Park Blvd / Market Street, right on W 12th Street, continuing onto Houston Street, and back to the closure on E Martin Luther King Blvd. Officers will be located at major intersections/traffic lights for the inbound cyclists. 

Cyclists will be required to ride with traffic while following the rules of the road. This is an open course so expect cyclists throughout the city. Please pay close attention to officer instructions when CPD is present. 

Most cyclists should complete their routes by 4:00 PM.

View CDOT’s map of event and road closures for full details of these activities and other projects underway in our public space.