The following locations are closed or have limited access:

New incidents:

·  Ashland Terrace at Ely Road (hazard reported)

·  W 11th at Broad Street (hazard reported)

·  212 Compress St (wires down)

·  Hixson Pike at Ozark Rd (wires down)

·  Mountain Creek Road at Runyan Drive (hazard reported)

·  2914 Haywood Ave 

·  112 Woodlawn Dr (hazard reported)

·  3926 Azalean Dr (wires down)

·  Signal Mountain Blvd at Balmoral Dr (wires down)

Continuing incidents:

·  Dwight Ave at Oak Street (wires down)

·  1703 Union Ave (wires down)

·  1701 Ellyn Ln (wires down)

·  1300 Dodds Ave (hazard reported, extent of closure unknown)

·  824 Endicott St (wires down)

·  Belvoir Ave at Brainerd Road (hazard reported, extent of closure unknown)

·  2020 Gunbarrel Rd (hazard reported, extent of closure unknown)

·  Roanoke Ave / Wilcox Blvd (hazard reported, extent of closure unknown)

·  Thrushwood Dr at Intermont Dr (wires down)

·  129 Valleybrook Cir (wires down)

·  1600 Bailey Ave (wires down)

·  Old Ringgold Rd at S Crest Road (hazard reported, extent of closure unknown)

·  Highway 153 at the Chickamauga Dam northbound and southbound is closed (wires down)

·  W Road is closed (wires down)

·  N Seminole Dr at Donna Ln (wires down)

·  4305 Cain Ave (wires down)

·  Wilson St at N Hawthorne St (wires down)

·  4609 Locksley Ln (wires down)

·  Hixson Pike at Middle Valley Road (unknown hazard)

·  1000 S Scenic Hwy (possible tree down)

·  8726 Igou Gap Rd (unknown hazard)

·  4120 Cummings Hwy (wires down)

Please obey any instructions from law enforcement, flaggers, or traffic control devices in these areas. Road conditions may worsen as high winds are expected to continue into the evening. Use extreme caution.

Please report flooded locations or trees down by dialing our 311 Service Center 8 AM-5 PM Mon-Fri at 423-643-6311; Or if after hours/weekends, the Chattanooga Police Department Non-Emergency Number at 423-698-2525

Remember: Never attempt to cross flooded roads or downed power lines